Ok… Little ass backwards, but I’ve been a bit out of it fighting off this cold. However, here is the Konad kit I got in the mail the other day. I ordered it off Amazon from Nail Beauty 4U. It appears to be a discontinued mini set as there isn’t much posted about it on the Konad site but everything did come in original packaging with the Konad logo on all items and the hologram stamp of authenticity on the packages. Please tell me if this is an extremely good counterfeit or not, cuz buying knockoff is one thing but being deceived and ripped off is another, lol. I don’t know much about the product but it seems legit to me. The plates have paper backing as well.

Now to the good part, I got 2 plates (m57 & m60) the mini stamper & scraper together for just over $16 w/ shipping. I got it cuz I wanted these 2 plates exactly & I could have 1 shipping charge.