100th post, yay! I guess I get carried away, or I just have a lot to say, either way, I hope it is useful information & I appreciate your reading, thanks : )

Now on to the post… These are my toes I painted on Saturday after my haul. Really enjoying my chunky glitter & wanted to try it mattified… So here we have…

LA Colors Color Craze in TROPICAL BREEZE with Kleancolors CHUNKY BLACK HOLO over top, which if you are wondering is a black (purple-ish) tinted jelly with 3 sizes of hex glitter. The downside (or however you choose to look at it) is that the jelly makes any color you put it over, darker. Topped with Hard Candy in MATTE-LY IN LOVE.

So if you are eyeballing Nfu-Oh but don’t want to spare the cash, this is a good alternative (at http://www.beautyjoint.com for $1.75 a pop, keep in mind however that although other colors say “chunky” this is the only one with glitter in sizes this big) however Nfu-Oh offers many color choices of their Flakies many without tint for just adding glittery flash as well as some with tint for your color scheming pleasure : )

I still might splurg on Nfu-Oh at some point because it seems their “Flakies” are just that. Random pieces of foil flakes as opposed to predicable glitter shapes we’re used to. But give both a try & see which you prefer for yourself : )